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Post by Ingv91 on Wed Mar 09, 2016 1:27 pm

Soviet cruisers are being added to the game for testing purposes, but you will be able to preview them in Port! This patch also brings some fixes and tweaks. Read up!

The patch is scheduled for 10 March and will be applied on the servers from 05:30 until 06:00 CET during which time the game server will be offline.

New ships

Soviet cruisers added to the game client:

Novik (Tier II)
Bogatyr (Tier III)
Svetlana (Tier IV)
Kirov (Tier V)
Budeny (Tier VI)
Schors (Tier VII)
Chapaev (Tier VIII)
Dmitry Donskoy (Tier IX)
Moskva (Tier X)
Changes to existing ships

Visual changes have been done to the following ships:

Benson: SC radar replaced with RC2 radar on top hulls; fixed hull numbering visuals on the starboard side of top hulls
Kiev and Ognevoi: removed Vimpel 2D (AA radar) from stabilised sighting station
Mikhail Kutuzov: Added life rafts and Shtag B directors to 2nd and 3rd main battery turrets; radar animation changed
Ranger: texture slightly changed
Zao: Catapult's animation angles slightly changed to remove artifacts where it intersected with the geometry of a crane
Langley: Minor visual changes
Hindenburg: Minor visual changes
Minor visual changes to turrets has been done to the following ships:

Benson, Kamikaze, Udaloy, Tirpitz, Hindenburg, Roon

Added two new camos:

Type 5 Camo: Gives both bonuses to concealment (3%) and accuracy decreases for enemies that fire at this ship (4%)
Type 6 Camo: gives same bonuses as Type 5 and in addition improves the experience earned in battle (2x improvement)
Other changes to camouflage

All permanent camos (including Premium ship camo) now also give bonuses for concealment and accuracy decreases for enemy ships
Special camos (Halloween camo, Ranked battles camos, New Year camos) now also give bonuses for concealment and accuracy decreases for enemy ships
Permanent camos of upgradable ships now also give additional discounts to repair costs (10% for Tier IX ships, 5% for other Tier ships)
For consistency reasons, the numeric numbers of some camo titles were changed
Other changes and fixes

Implemented the possibility of issuing special offers for individual players through the port interface. The system is running in test mode
Fixed the absence of the "loading" icon after making any action with the team (renaming, etc.)
The number of received signals and camouflages now is displayed correctly in the system messages
Fixed the possibility of the appearance of information screens with tips on functional modules and random battles, if the player has already used them
The "My Team" button now opens a proper tab, instead of the last open profile tab
Fixed an issue that caused the active flag install button to be active even if the ship was already locked
Fixed an issue, that caused experience bars to overlap portraits of the Arpeggio commanders
Fixed several bugs with the client files of the game, leading to the emergency shutdown of the client.
Fixed an issue, that caused characteristics in the hull tooltip to not take into account bonuses from the camouflage, and, vice versa, if the bonus was taken into account, even if the camouflage was already removed
Fixed an issue that caused the inability to make the first free team rename, if said team originally was created without a name
Fixed an issue that caused ship movement traces to remain on the water, even if the ship was already sunk
Fixed an issue that caused a black screen when attempting to login to the game
Fixed an issue that caused the Manual Fire Control for Anti Aircraft guns to not work properly in certain situations.

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